Cathy Day 8: Art

I’m cheating a bit because this is an old picture. Every Christmas, IFC mall puts up a huge holiday-themed art display in the center of the mall. This past December, they put up a knitted displayed — trees made out of yarn balls, knitted trees, wooden squirrels wearing sweaters…Yarn bombing as art. It’s hard for me not to love that.



Cathy Day 7: Red

The preschoolers have been learning about colors with the art teacher. This is the outcome of their work last semester.


Jae Day 9: Food

Boy and I brought his scooter and Fuji for a walk at a park this afternoon, soaking up some much needed 68 degrees of California sunshine. We ran across this family feeding the ducks and seagulls.


Jae Day 8: Art

I like many kinds of art, including some kinds of pop art. Here is Nevan from today, in front of the awesome De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. I thought I’d Andy Warhol it up for you guys.


Cathy Day 6: Smiles

Julian wanted a monster with “angry eyes” so naturally I knit him one. ┬áBeing an overachiever I also made a baby monster for it…but I tried to make sure that at least baby monster was happy.